Take time for yourself! Let us drain the tension from your body, mind and spirit. Our heated massage tables, warm oils and experienced therapists will lull you into a state of bliss. When making the appointment, you may request a complimentary private steam shower.
*Note: Massages are not recommended for anyone on Coumidin or other blood thinners. Poultice Massages not recommended during pregnancy.



A one of a kind relaxing and healing treatment for your mind and body! While the scent of Thai herbs fill the air and help ease your mental stress, the heat from the herbal poultice will release your physical stress. This full body relaxing massage is combined with a targeted herbal compress massage. Picture the warm herbal compress kneading all the stress from your neck back and shoulders!Perfect treatment for anyone suffering from arthritis pain, joint inflamation, muscle aches and pains and fibromyalgia. Feel the relief of a deep tissue massage without the deep tissue pressure.

POULTICE FOOT RITUAL $60 for 30 minutes

With this heavenly experience you will embark on a path of relaxation. This treatment starts with an exfoliating foot massage with red rice body polish that will leave your feet feeling soft and smooth. A steamed herbal compress filled with lemongrass, ginger and turmeric will be used to massage your feet and help drain the stress and tension from your body. Your feet will be enveloped with a feeling of warmth and freshness. Aching tired feet will be revived and your whole body will be relaxed.


Suffering from sinus pressure, headaches, TMJ or just need to relax? The Facial poultice will bring deep medicinal heat to the muscles of your face and neck. The poultice is steamed to soften and release the wonderful and beneficial Thai herbs. The poultice will ease tension and detoxify and oxygenate your skin, leaving a healthy glow. This wonderful treatment will revitalize the body and mind!


Head to Toe relaxation.

SHEA BUTTER MASSAGE $65 for 30 minutes; $90 for 60 minutes; $135 for 90 minutes

The environment—from the summer sun to the cold winter wind—take their toll on skin, sapping it of essential moisture. This  massage with shea butter will rejuvenate your skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and supple. This is a perfect treatment for both women and men.


A luxurious and unforgettable experience!  Our  massage therapists will use dry loofah brushing to exfoliate your skin before giving you a relaxing full body massage with warm oils. The  warm paraffin on your back, neck and shoulders will help to ease the strain of tense, tired muscles.

RELAXING MASSAGE $50 for 30 minutes; $70 for 60 minutes; $115 for 90 minutes

Enjoy a relaxing massage for a full 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Massage is a strong antidote for stress, and this massage, which does not include deep pressure, can help relieve taut aching muscles, soothe away headaches, increase circulation and improve mobility.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE $60 for 30 minutes; $80 for 50 minutes

If you are looking for a deeper massage targeting specific muscle groups, this is the massage for you! Get relief for stress-related tension and chronic pain by indulging in Paul Conzo’s Deep Tissue Massage.


This specialized massage will take you into a deeper dimension of relaxation. Our massage therapists use smooth volcanic stones and warm oils to slowly massage your body, melting tension and stress away. The deep penetrating heat of the stones makes this treatment a one-of-a-kind mind body experience. Clients tell us this massage has helped decrease the pain and discomfort associated with fibromyalgia and arthritis.


Before you treat yourself to a relaxing massage, why not indulge in a paraffin treatment? Paraffin, a warm therapeutic wax, effectively heats the tissues and muscles to provide pain relief while softening and preparing them for massage, making a paraffin treatment the perfect prelude to massage, especially if chronic neck, shoulder or low back pain is present. In addition, paraffin rehydrates the skin to help with dry skin on the back.

REFLEXOLOGY $60 for 45 minutes

Reflexology is a dynamic yet simple approach to good health based on the belief that areas of the foot are connected to various organs and the systems of the body via nerve endings. Beginning with a relaxing foot soak and continuing with a brisk foot massage to warm and increase circulation, pressure is then applied to all areas of the feet. This relaxing treatment can reduce stress and pain while revitalizing and balancing all systems of the body.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE $55 for 30 minutes; $75 for 60 minutes

Provided by specially trained therapists during the second or third trimester of pregnancy, moms-to-be will feel pampered as they relax while their aching muscles are soothed. (Check with doctor for permission.)  Our experienced staff can also discuss other day spa and hair salon treatments that may be appropriate for expectant moms.


What could be more perfect than having one of Paul Conzo’s award-winning massage therapists lull you into a state of bliss with a relaxing, stress-busting massage? Why sharing the experience with a friend or a loved one, of course!  Our couples massage is a great way for you to spend quality time with a friend or your significant other.   Available on request; advance reservations are required (Any listed massage can be made into a couples massage by simply doubling the price).