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BASIC MANICURE $22; $26 for French

After soaking, nails are filed and cuticles are groomed. Your hands are then massaged and polish is applied.


Experience our most luxurious manicure. Just as in our other manicures, after soaking, your nails will be filed and cuticles groomed. Then we massage your hands and arms with luscious all natural shea butter. After the massage you will relax even more with your hands in heated mitts to help the shea butter penetrate to heal and soften your skin. Polish will be applied and your hands will look and feel like new!


Perfect when you don’t have a lot of time…During this 30 minute pedicure we will soak your feet, groom your cuticles and nails, massage your feet and then apply polish.


We invite you to experience one of the most luxurious pedicures! Your tired feet and legs will be pampered to the most relaxing massage with shea butter to ease all the tension and soreness. You will relax even more with heated foot mitts to help the shea butter penetrate. Our all-natural shea butter heals, protects and softens the skin. Daily use of shea butter will dramatically improve the quality of your skin. Your feet will look as wonderful as you feel!


Relax while your feet soak in our whirlpool foot bath. Nails and cuticles are groomed, and dry skin is buffed away. A salt scrub is used to help soften skin and feet are massaged with a special lotion. Your feet will look and feel so much better.

NEW! Add a hot stone foot massage to any pedicure $10 extra (currently not servicing hot stones due to COVID-19)

We use smooth volcanic stones and warm oil or cream to melt your tension. The penetrating heat of the stones adds to the relaxation of the treatment!

* We recommend bringing thong sandals if you are having a pedicure. If you wear slacks we recommend that the pant legs can be pulled up above the knee.

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